Mashed Potatoes

...with garlic

Thanksgiving dinner at my house is a mix of a few new recipes with a lot of returning favorites. Here’s a dish that’s popular every year I serve it: garlic mashed potatoes.


2 1/2 pounds potatoes
10 cloves garlic
1 teaspoon chicken bouillon
Milk and butter to taste
Salt and pepper

Boil the potatoes with the 10 cloves of garlic. Dissolve the chicken bouillon in warm milk. Mash potatoes as normal with milk and butter, adding chicken bouillon and seasoning to taste with salt and pepper. For a stronger garlic flavor, roast the cloves in the oven, then mash with the cooked potatoes. You can also try adding sauteed leeks and sour cream, or a little horseradish with sour cream.

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