How To Write A Fan Letter

Here's your chance to write a fan letter to your favourite star. First of all, decide who you want to send your letter to. Then complete the letter below. If you need any help then look at the suggestions. Finally, search the internet for an address for your letter. If you find one, send your letter and wait . . . and wait . . . and wait . . . and maybe one day you'll get a reply.

Dear (1) __________,

My name is (2) __________. I'm a (3) __________ year old (4) __________ and I'm your greatest fan. I think you are (5) ___________. I've (6) __________ every (7) __________ you've ever (8) __________. The thing I like most about you is your (9) __________ and the way you (10) __________. If you ever come to (11) __________, I hope you'll come to see me. We could (12) __________ together and talk about (13) __________. Then you could answer the one question I've always wanted to ask you: "(14) ___________________________________?". I expect you get (15) __________ of letters from fans but I pray that you'll answer mine.

Your (16) __________ fan,

(Don't forget to sign it)


  1. Sharon; Johnny; Pamela; Arnold; other
  2. Juan; Hans; Eva; Luciano; Rosa; other
  3. 15; 18; 26; 84; other
  4. student; firefighter; teacher; brain surgeon; other
  5. fantastic; the best thing since sliced bread; gorgeous; wonderful; other
  6. buy; see; read; go to; other
  7. book; record; film; game; other
  8. make; write; give; play; other
  9. nose; smile; voice; personality; other
  10. walk; play the guitar; sing; move; other
  11. Paris; Milan; Seville; Loch Lomond; other
  12. go to a restaurant; dance; walk in the moonlight; go sailing; other
  13. life; our future; money; the environment; other
  14. How old are you?; Will you marry me?; Is that your real hair?; How rich are you?; other
  15. lots; hundreds; thousands; millions; other
  16. devoted; loving; number one; crazy; other


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