Halloween Poem

Ghosts and goblins and witches with wild hair
Give you a scare with their wicked stare.
If you are scared of the dark
Or ghastly creatures lurking in the park
Then you should not go out on Halloween night
Because most likely it will give you a fright.

Poltergeists and zombies come up from their graves
And bats are screeching in their caves.
Banshees are screaming.
I hope your flashlight is beaming.
Watch out or something just might say BOO!
Don't say that I didn't warn you.

1997 by Shana Wilson


Host: (noun) fantasma.
Goblin: (noun) duende.
Witch: (noun) bruja, hechicera.
Scared: (adj.) asustado.
Wicked: (adj.) malvado/a.
Lurck: (verb) acechar, estar escondido.
Fright: (noun) susto, terror.
Poltergeists: (noun) espiritus.
Grave: (noun) tumba, sepultura, fosa.
Bat: (noun) murciélago.
Screech: (verb) chillar.
Scream: (verb) gritar desaforadamente, chillar.
Beam: (noun) destello.
Warn: (verb) advertir, alertar.

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