Catch someone's eye to attract someone's attention: He tried to catch her eye. She turned towards him....(echar el ojo a alguien/algo).

Do in the eye (colloquial) to cheat or trick (a person): the people selling clothes in the market will do you in the eye if you are not very careful.(tomar el pelo)

An eye for an eye (and a tooth for a tooth) a punishment that is as cruel as the crime: I did not believe in the death penalty - an eye for an eye - but how else can we stop this sort of thing? (Ojo por ojo y diente por diente).

Have an eye for to be interested in and be a good judge of (something of value, e.g. an object of art or beauty): I respect his judgment where art is concerned. He has an eye for a good painting. (tener ojo para...)

Look (straight / right) in the eye(s) to look steadily at a person without showing emotion or feelings of guilt: look me straight in the eye and say that you are not in any trouble. (mirar directo a los ojos).

Give the glad eye (colloquial) to look at (a person) in a manner intended to show that one is attracted to him or her: their relationship moved very quickly; it seemed that one minute she was giving him the glad eye and the next they were married. (dar el visto bueno).

Get one's eye in to become skilful or experienced through practice (in cricket and other ball games) to be able to follow the movement of the ball with one's eye: We've been really hooked on auction sales and second-hand furniture lately. Once you get your eye in and can spot a genuine.... antique..... you're an addict. (echar el ojo a alguien/algo).

If someone had half and eye (colloquial) If the person mentioned were not so stupid, insensitive, dull etc: if you had half an eye you would be able to make some money from the new contract. Also: with half an eye, as in anyone with half an eye could see how unhappy she was. (tener dos dedos de frente)