HANG ON/HOLD ON - esperar - Hold on for a minute as Pablo will be back in five minute.
HANG UP - colgar (el teléfono) - My ex-girlfriend hung up when I phoned her.
KEEP UP WITH - mantenerse (a la altura de) - I can't keep up with my father when we go cycling as he goes too fast.
KNOCK DOWN - derribar, atropear, demoler - My grandfather's old house was knocked down and a bank was built.
LEAVE BEHIND - olvidar, dejar - When I got to the airport, I realised I had left my passport behind.
LET IN - dejar entrar - She opened the door and let in the cat.
LOOK AFTER - cuidar - My mother looks after the children when we go away.
LOOK FOR - buscar - I spent two hours looking for my glasses before I found them.
LOOK FORWARD TO - esperar con ilusión - I'm looking forward to the Easter holidays.
LOOK OUT - tener cuidado, ¡Ojo! Look out! - There's a car coming.
LOOK UP - buscar algo (en un libro, diccionario) - If you don't understand the word, look it up in a dictionary.
PUT IN - meter, introducir - Put ten pence in the machine and you will get a cup of coffee.
PUT ON - encender - Put on the light, it's getting dark.
PUT ON - ponerse (la ropa) - Put your coat on or you'll get cold.
RUN OUT OF - quedars sin algo We ran out of petrol so we had to get the bus.
SET OFF - ponerse en camino - We set off to Madrid at five o'clock to avoid the traffic.
TAKE AFTER - parecerse a - Pablo takes after his mother: they are both optimistic.
TAKE OFF - despegar - The flight was delayed for two hours and the plane eventually took off at 6 p.m.
TAKE OFF - quitarse la ropa - Take off your coat and make yourself comfortable.
TAKE OUT - extraer, sacar - He took out a cigarette and lit it.
THROW AWAY - tirar (en la basura) - Don't throw these papers away: they're important.
TURN DOWN - bajar (el volumen) - Turn down the radio: it's too loud.
TURN UP - poner el volumen más fuerte - Turn up the radio. I can't hear it.
TURN ON - encender (televisión, luces etc.) - Turn on the television, please, I want to see the news.